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  The Untold Story of Mary's Visitation..Short Form



I  God Loved the world that he wanted to be with his people. So he asked Moses (1600 yrs before Jesus)Ex 25:8 to build an ARK with specific dimensions, the wood needed to e of Acacia tree. The Ark needed to be covered with solid gold. Placed within the Tabernacle.

ii In the Ark of the OT….Were Three Objects

>The Stone Tablets…The Ten Commandments. (Heb 9:4)

>The Golden Urn with Manna The bread from Heaven.

>The Budding Aarons Rod..The proof of True Priesthood..

>When the Three objects were kept in The Ark, The Glory of the Lord covered the Tent. Ex 40:34-35


When King David went to collect the Ark

>He went in a Haste (1 Sam 6:1-2)

>When David saw He Leapt with Joy

>David Questioned “How can the Ark of the Lord Come to Me”

>David was wearing Ephod, the vestments of the priest.

>The House of Ebod & Edom was blessed because of the presence of The Ark

2 Sam 6:11

>The Ark remained in the Hill Country of Judea for Three Months

>The Ark returned to its home country Jerusalem         2 Sam 6:12 Where Gods presence and Glory is Revealed in the Temple 1 Kg 8:9-11



St Agustine said “The Old Testament is the new concealed, But the New Testament is The Old revealed.





èGod so loved the world so he sent his only Son Jesus Christ. He chose Mary to be the mother of Jesus. Mary was born without the original sin. He found sinless Mary to be Mother of God


ii Mary was the Ark of New Covenant.

>In Her womb ..Mary had the Word of God in Flesh.

>Jesus is the Bread of Life, That comes down from Heaven to give us eternal life.

>Jesus is the Actual Eternal Priest

>The Moment Mary said yes to the Lord, She was covered with the Glow of the Lord



When Mary visited her Cousin Elizabeth.

>When Mary new Elizabeth was with Child, she too went in haste.

>When Elizabeth met Mary the Child in her Leapt with Joy

>Elizabeth said “Why is it Granted to me that Mother of the Lord should come to me.

>John the Baptist was from the lineage of the Priest.

>The House of Elizabeth was blessed because of the presence of Mary. Elizabeth proclaimed Blessed Trice Lk 1:42-45

>Mary was in the same hill country with Elizabeth for three Months Lk 1:56

>Mary Returned back to Jerusalem, Where she presented God/Jesus in the Temple

Lk 1:56

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