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Fr Roland 20th July o8
I. Joshua entered the promise land in 13 BC
Discrepancies : 
12 Stonesà 4:9 in the Jordan River.
              à 4:20 taken from the Jordan to Gilgal
Jericho à 6:3 March silently
           à 6:8 Blow your trumpets.
Traditions à LXX earlier
               à MT (Masoretic Tradition later)
II. Literary History.
à First 5 books Pentateuch.
à First 5 books & Joshua = Hexateuch.
à First 4 books = Tetrateuch. 
Deu + Joshua = Deuteronomy History; Deutronomic Equation à Obey & Prosper
                                                                                         Disobey & perish
Deutro History:
Date of composition:
922 BC The kingdom was divided in to northern & Southern Kingdoms
721 BC Norther Assyria attacked the Northern Kingdom, & took them to Assyria therefore  
they became a mixed race.
587 BC Babylon attacked the Southern kingdom & took them to Babylon
The Book of Joshua was written in the 7th Cen.BC, He was king in the 7th Cen.
538 BC Cyrus of Persia was a pagan king who permitted the Israelites to come back from Babylon.
à The Israelites had lost their promised land that God had promised.
à They lost their king à David. God had promised Solomon that his presence will be with him forever.
à They also lost their Temple.
Their faith & Hope was shattered.
The book of Joshua was revised  & rewritten
with their new experience in the 6th CenBC while in Exile.
The Northern Kingdom was destroyed & the Southern kingdom was exiled.
What was the purpose of the Book of Joshua ?
à It was the reason why the Nk & the SK was destroyed.
à Give them Hope for the future Jer 31:33-34.
God uses a pagan king Cyrus to give them hope.
Through the Prophet God gives them hope.
Themes of Joshua :
Joshua was a former prophet.
Joshua was commanded by God
Vs 8 not = depart out of the mouth à know the promise & claim the promise.
9 ½ tribes   à I à   2 ½ tribes
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