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  Mary the Ark of the new Covenant..Full Form

Mary, the Ark of the New Covenant





1..A lot of people will advice to read the New Testament first. Because you would get lost in the old testament. Just read the New Testament.

Very True sometimes not always


The Ark of the Old Covenant 

Moses lived more than 1600 yrs before Christ


2..God loved his people and wanted to be close to them. So he asked Moses to build him a home.


èGod asked Moses to build him an arc of specific dimensions (Ex 25:30)

èIt was a place where God would dwell (Ex 25:8)

èArk would be made of Acacia wood..Its very strong, durable, resistant to decay, having long life.

èThe Ark was to be covered in Gold inside and outside. And to be placed inside the Tabernacle.

3.. Within the Ark of the OLD COVENANT was

è Golden Jar with Manna

èThe bedding Aarons Rod

èStone Tablet (He 9:4)



èWith the Tabernacle & the Ark completed & the 3 objects placed in the Ark


èThe Glory of the Lord covered the Tent  (Ex40:34-35)


After Moses Died


Joshua took charge of the Arc

The Ark was used in a Battle against the Philistines.





èDavid shouted in Joy in the presence of Ark




èAt the Ark ing David Rejoiced and sais…”HOW CAN THE ARK OF THE LORD COME TO ME







èKing David Danced Leapt in Joy in the presence of the Ark



èDavid was wearing a Ephod the clothing of the priest










èThe House of Obed and Edom which had the Ark was Blessed in its presence. 2 Sam 6;11



èDavid left the Ark in the hill country for 3 months in Judea

2 Sam 6:11





èThe Ark returned to its home in Jerusalem 2 Sam 6:12 where Gods presence and Glory is revealed in the Temple 1 Kings 8:9-11

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