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6th Jan 2008. Fr Fritzgerald.
First letter to the Corinthians community in Xt, Book background----Explanation of terms.
Page 1. notes:
2:1 (a) Lucius Mummies Achaius was a General / statesman. –Titles added to the persons name haughty=superbus, beautiful=Polchur
2:1(b) Proconsul= promagistrate, helps in governing or governing in place of.
Aediles= Latin temple or building or people in charge of law & order.
2:2(a) Isthmus= Gk neck, slender strip of land, joining a landmass, either side you have water.
2:2(b) Asia Minor=Gk Anatolia, Turkey, Constantinople, Pontus =land where the sun rises
Strabo=Extra Biblical literature sources, Gk historian, & geography philosopher, born in Pontus
2:2© Josephus=Flavious Roman name, official scribe, became a court historian, He has written 7 volumes on Jewish wars 1AD., Jewish Antiquities 21 Volumes, against Apion in defense of Judaism, He does not mention Jesus.
Page 2 notes:
3 a/b/c/d.   Isthamian games=funeral games in memory of Melicerles, wreath of celery= it was nourishing, stimulating, helped inresting
Temple of Aphirodite =Venus=Latin goddess of Love, beauty, lust
Aphros= foam, risen, born of foam, no mother or father.
Father Oranos, Cronos=son, Hephestus- Pan machia, total combat- mache-combat.
Pan Hellenistic=games for all Hellas Gk= All members of the Gk, one year after the Olympic games- Olympic games 776 – 393 AD
Wreath of Pine, burned at the foot with pine leaves.
I will make a good husband for you, I will work late.
Burning of Olive trees was a punishment, Olive tree was very valuable
There were Chariot races, Pan Kratian, wrestling ,music & poetry for women
Hierodules= temple prostitute= sacred servants
Corinth=Synonym for sexual license
Corinth=wealth, wine, & women
3(d) Poseidon = Neptune. ^ of the sea, horses & earthquakes,
Odeum = Odeon
4. Apollo = Gk ^ of the son, medicine, healing, patron of the Temple of Delphi.
Asclepius + ^ of healing- 3 daughters Hygiria, meditrina, panacea, helped the Corinthians to fight the Trojan war
Isis = Goddess wife & sister of Osiris, double title
Serapis = Gk & Egyptian God – Gk ruler Ptoemy Soter—anthropomorphic given a human form
2:2 community = many religious backgrounds—Latin, emperor worship, own money, worship of Gk ^s
Athena = Minerva
Delen = who do great thingsof wisdom, patron of weavers, wars & instruments of war
Dipicted with ^s of Niki -^ of Victory. Host Niki cannot br vanquished, destroyed, patron of Athens.
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