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27th April 2008. Bp Agnelo Gracious
Mariology is a branch of Theology which studies the place of Mary in the Xtian Faith.
Christian Faith : Our response to God, or what God says to us.
Gods part :
à Revelation à What God reveals to us. à
à In words & Deeds.
à Progressive à The high point in Revelation is Jesus à Heb 1:1.
à To build up it people.
à Enshrined in the book.
The part of Human beings :                                      Toms garden
à Faith is response to Gods revelation. With your help it was barren, What I did alone
à Total surrender to his word.
à surrender we make once in life & which is constantly renewed.
à Act of faith that is done in the community à
    Apostolic à faith received from the apostles
                  à Today à the church today.
Theology: Conscious & Systematic study of our faith.
Place of Mary à not Mary of History. à Mary of faith.
Place of Mary in the salvation received thro Jesus.
Mary in the Gospels of Mark, Matthew, Luke, & John.
Mark 3:31-35                Mt                               Lk                         Jn
1. Form : Cain & Abel      à You break a link with God
                                     à You break a link with the people
    Pronouncement story
    Sayings of Jesus set in narrative context.
2. Context in the à true family of Jesus     eschatological
                         à Biological family of Jesus.
3. Diference between Biological & Eschatological fly.
Markà Biological family outside (twice)  Matthew à Soften contrast very slightly 
        à Other side                                                      outside once
        à Context opposition between         Luke àRenounces any elements of
            scribes / family & those he chosen          à Reach him because of the crowd
            3:20; 3:24                                           à Challenging questions
                                                                    à pointing gestures.
                                                                  à context Parable of the sower seed
                                                                à Lukes picture of Mary.
                                                              à 1:38; 1:45; 2:19; 2:51; Acts 1:14.
1.                 Relativesis devotion to Mary
2.                 It gives us Scriptural basis for devotion to Mary
à Mark à Matthew à Luke / John
3.                 It makes us realize the greatness of Mary, not the physical mother.
     Accepts Jesus in faith
Mary appears in Mt & Lk --à Infancy narratives
4 out of 89 chapter in the NT are on Mary
She has a great part in forming Christians
Thought: She helped shape the central doctrine of our faith ie à
Jesus is divine à from the moment he was born.
Jesus was Human à He was born like us.
Mt Ch1: Is Jesus the son of David. If Jesus is a messiah then Jesus has to come from the family of David,--. For the Jews.
Who is Jesus : Is he the son of David (son of Abraham) à Jesus is Emmanuel
Genealogy 14 generations. How the whole of Israel history is meant to lead us to Jesus. The Jews were a tribal race they needed their roots
Jesus is not just coming from God, He comes from the people too.
3 sets à David    à   à Joseph   à Mary   1:16
                                à             à   both of them leads to Jesus
How is Jesus the son of David ---------à 1:18-25.
Jesus is not the seed of Joseph
Joseph who is the son of David adopts Jesus 
therefore Jesus becomes the son of David.
DIVINITY à        Acts                  Mark              Mt / Lk               Jn
                    Death / Res.           Baptism             Birth           Pre existence
How is Jesus the son of David à Legal Adoption
                                           à Virginal conception conceived by the HSp.
4 women in Matthew.
Lk Ch 1 Announcement Narratives.
SHEET: The call narrative : Is a familiar OT form used to describe Gods calling of charismatic leaders to play a part in Salvation History.
There are 5 elements.
a)                 Encounter à God takes initiative à God comes when & where he wishes.
b)                 Commissioning
c)                  Objection à Fear because the task is Big à Freedom.
d)                 Reassurance à I am with you,   the abiding presence.
e)                 Sign
Birth Oracle : Is another OT form used to announce the birth of the child who is called to play a significant role in Israel history.
3 Elements : 1. Announcement of the Birth.
                   2. Name.
                   3. Future destiny of the child.
The Annunciation to Mary à Narrative.
It is a birth oracle à interpreted in to a call narrative
Jesus is not an accident of History.
He was planned by God      à in line, with other OT leaders.
Call narrative à Mary has her part; she is chosen freely by God
                    à It is a surprising choice.
àMary came from an insignificant place.
àThe narrative is from a God forsaken place
àNo Prophet came from Galilee (what good can come from Nazareth)
àHe chose a Virgin, Virginity was despised.
à The calling was very difficult, Mary said YES to this call of God.
                            GOD                   Mary is a model of receptivity
                        ^^      yes                       She is one of us
                        I i       I i              Human Beings can not reach God        
                      no XX I V V                      We must receive him
                    Human Beings
Lk 1:34:    -à surely it cannot be a VOW of virginity
Vs 1:35 It is supposed to lead us, that Jesus will be conceived virginally
             (Mt & Lk both agree).
What does it signify : That Jesus s the new Adam, conceived Virginally.
Lk speaks that Jesus is born virginally, not the Virginity of Mary
(Jesus went down to the dead; J died for all mankind, even those who died before him)
Visitation : ( St Stephen , come Lord Jesus )
Mary was a very Special person in the local community, she was called blessed.
Mary is praised ‘blessed’ Judith 13:18
Confirmed by the Magnificat ‘ from this day---------Blessed’
Mary in John à Cana 2:1-11                à Commonly accepted Pts, General outline
                      à Calvary 19:26-27             prologue 1:1-18
                                                               book of signs 1:19-12:50
                                                               book of Glory 12:1-20:31
                                                               epilogue 21:1-25
2.   7 SIGNS:
a. Cana 2:1-11
b. Officials son 4:46-50.
c. Paralytic 5:1-15.
d. Multiplication of Loaves 6:1-15.
e. Walking on the sea. 6:16-21.
f. Healing the blind man 9.
g. Raising Lazarus 11.
WEDDING: It is a messianic significance, it is the first of the signs.
Water was used for Jewish purification.
Wine in abundance.
Choice Wine
3rd day of resurrection.
3. A sign is an event / deed which has salvafic significance. The primary focus on all Johns signs is Jesus as the one sent by the father to bring salvation to the world. What shines thro is his glory.
4. How does the Cana signs reveal the glory of Jesus.
For John with the coming of Jesus the OT feasts / institutions ceases
Jesus now replaces the OT feasts.
III. DIFFICULTIES: Dialogues between Jesus & Mary.
a.                  Jesus calls his mother ‘women’
b.                 Why turn to me a –Ve response.
c.                  My hour has not yet come.
d.                 Do what he tells you
No clear indication what all this means.
She will have the place when the hour is right, when Jesus comes.
Is Mary a women of faith..
Series of Theological episodes:
Introduction                                          Conclusion
19:16-18.                                             19:38-42.
Evaluation of Jesus on the cross              Deposition of Jesus from the cross
Episode 1. 19:19-22                               Episode 5. 19:31-37.
Pilate refuses Jewish Request                  Pilate grants Jewish request.
Episode 2. 19:23-24.                              Episode   19:28-30.
Executioners divide Jesus clothes             Executioners offer Jesus Vinegar.
                                  Episode 3. Jn 19:26-27.
                         Mother of Jesus & beloved Disciple John
Series of Theological episodes:
1.                 Commonly accepted Johannine accounts of the crucifications consists of shocked theological significant episodes arranged in chiastic pattern
2.                 Hour :  Jn 13:21. it is the hour of triumph, & not of defeat. When despite of all outward appearance the power of evil is broken once & for all. It is the climax of Jn Gs.
When he raised up he drew all the people to him. He is the conqueror. Because it is the hour of victory. Passion is the Glorious passion not of defeat.
3.                 Beloved disciple, he is portrayed as the ideal disciple, the one who never left Jesus. He is at the feet of the Cross, He will recognize Jesus after he is resurrected. He is the witness who recognizes the truth of Johns Gs.
Incident Itself:
1.                 Not merely as an act of filial solicitude.
a.                  Misfit among other the Theological episodes.
b.                 Behold here is your mother
c.                  Know all things is now finished.
John brings together 2 figures who he never gives a personal name.
The emphasis is the role they will play------------ what is the role ?
Not just physical motherhood   ‘women’
Like eve the mother of disciples.
The mother of the community, symbolized by the beloved disciple.
1.                 Mary of the Gs is a simple women.
2.                 She was chosen by God & her yes to God
3.                 As regards to her yes, her life calls to mission, to hardship , the cross.
4.                 Darkness.
5.                 Called to be the mother of the community left by Jesus.
6.                 She has a special place in the community, they called her blessed, by singing hymns in her honour
Faith is a response of the commitment of the surrender of all the people of God.
3 ‘C’ Creed; Belief.
         Code; How we live.
          Cult: Prayer / sacraments.
Crystallized in clear cut formula ‘DOGMA’
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