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1st July 2007
(I)Background information:
-The Gs are faith documents therefore they do not seek to give us historical details
- The Pontifical Biblical commission issued the document on the historical truths of the Gs –1964.
- The Gs are historical in the sense that the 4 Gs have their origin in the words & deeds of JC
-There is a process from which the Gs Is formed
- There is oral transmission – thro the preaching of the good news from the Apostles-then selection, synthesis, adaptations—then the final narrative.
- The Gs do not necessarily give us the literal A/c of what J said & did
(II) The 3 stages of the Infancy (IN ) narrative
The infancy narratives have a different from the A/c of of the ministry of JC
The IN in Mt & Mk differ greatly
Common elements in the IN :
-Mary is a virgin
-Joseph is from the house of david
-JC is a saviour
-JC was born in Bethlehem, grew up in Nazareth
- The virginal conception
Big differences :
In Mt J is born in Bethlehem, they escape to Egypt, + return to Nazareth.
In Lk They are originally from Nazareth, they go to Bethlehem- for census-Jerusalem presentation- return to Nazareth
IN are the introductions to the Gs:
They introduce the basic tenents of the Gs Mt + Mk included their IN because they were in harmony with the rest of the Gs accounts
(III) The 3 layers of Gs material
     a)Passion Narrative --( oldest )
       Good News – saving event—passion death and resurrection
       Acts 2:32 Romans 1:4     ------------------*--- (Passion & death)
    b)Ministry & passion Narrative(Mk)—(words & deeds of J)
                                                 ----------*-------------- (Baptism )
    c)IN & ministry & Passion narrative Mt & Lk
                                                *------------------------- (conception birth –life line
(IV)Mt & Lk gives us the IN ---the significance who JC is right from his conception, birth
     IN are the good news –Gs
    - In Mt & Lk the structure in Ch 1 sp[eaks of conception & birth of JC –the revelation
      of who JC is.
Ch 2 is the response to the revelation—either they accept or reject
SESSION I   IN in Mt & Mk                          (Light the first candle))
Terms    Prebirth, birth, Early life of J
                 description, story & account
                 only in Mt & Lk                                                   Mk 70AD; MT & Lk 75 Ad; Jn 90AD
IN are Gs in miniature—the good news is who JC is---- & what he means to us
Structure of IN    Mt focuses on Joseph
                            Lk focuses on Mary
Only in Mt we have – Magi, Flight to Egypy -Slaughter of the new born,
 In Lk we have –Zachairah & Elizabeth, JB, Shepherds, Anna & Simeon & visit to the temple
Ch 1 Conception & Birth                        DRAW A PICTURE---AEROPLANE—Jesus, Mary <
Ch 2 Response to the revelation—Good news              Joseph & Pontious the Pilate
Mt Ch 1 Birth of JC
            1: 1-17 Geneology of JC
                         JC is the Messiah OR The Christ ( the anointed one)
                        Titles of J Son of David          Dynasty of David
                        Son of Abraham                       Desendent of Abraham
                       Messiah & Christ
Structure Of the geneology ---3 Paragraphs of 14 generations each
Events The call of Abraham
             David as the model king   the kingdom reaches a high point
             Exile to Babylon   low point
Significance of 14 ----14*3    7*2*3    7*6 +J the beginning of a new era=14
1    1       1                          Davidic Dynasty
4    6       4   = 14   
There is a continuity with the history of Isreal
Names of the women in the geneology
Vs 3 TAMAR Child by the Father in law Gen 38
Vs 5 RAHAB Prostitutute, forignere saves Isreal Jos 12: 1-7
Vs 5 Ruth movite, foreigner Ruth 1
Vs 6 Uriah victim of Davids lust
        Bathsheeba                   2 Sam 11
V16 Mary virgin conception, very extra ordinary.
What is the purpose of these women in the geneology: God is doing something extraordinary in the history of Isreal, thro the birth of JC
Summery    1) They ( women) play a role in Gods plan of salvation. God uses the person he          
                  2) The coming of J breaks all barriers between man and women; jews & gentiles;     
                        righteous & sinners 
Engagement childhood arrangement, between parents & match makers ---NOT BINDING
Betrothal—confirmation of engagement—done around puberty—BINDING this would last for about a year—during this time they were considered as husband & wife—but not living together—this could be broken only by divorse.
Why is Joseph the focus—joseph is from the house of David Vs 16
David – Jacob—Joseph & Mary—Jesus
Joseph gives J his name , this means Joseph is the legal father of J Vs 24-25
Therefore J becomes from the household of David
Truths J is Emmanuel Vs 23 ie God with us Ch 28: 20
             J is the saviour Vs 21 ie J=God saves
             J is the son of God – J is virginally conceived   Vs 18, 20, 25
GOD CHOOSES PEOPLE & USES THEM                            PRAYER
SCESSION II                                     LIGHT THE 2nd CANDLE
Lk Ch 1   Birth of Jesus
1: 5-25 The annunciation to Zecharius
     5-7   Elizabeth is barren, she is despised , Zecharaius has enough grounds to divorse her
!: 8-23 Birth Narratives
    8-10 is the setting
 11-12 Encounter
13-17 Annoucement John=Elijah, short form for Malaki 1:4-5 Jehohannan= God is gracious
          Jews believed that Elijah would return before the Messiah, John =Elijahs return. Johm is
          John is the precoursor of the Messiah.
2:46-47 J is in the temple, Temple has a significance for Lk, J completes the temple liturgy
    24-53 They ( Disciples) were continually in the temple blessing God
             He is un able to speak because he does not listen to God
           * The context of Gods communication is prayer
24-25 Gods word is fulfilled; Gods mercy is shown to the rejected & despised
1: 26-38 Annunciation to Mary
    26-29 Encounter
    30-33 Announcement: 31- He is to be called J=God saves; 32-33He is the son of the most high
                                        Davidic king
         34 Objection
    35,37 Reassurance   27-35 Son of God was born thro virginal conception 37 nothing is                      
                                     impossible for God, God does all radical things
   36-37 Signs
        38 Conclusion
        35 Covenent Mary is considered to be the arc of the covenant Ex40:34 God over shadows &
                              covers Mary; shes is conceived by the power of the HS; obedience in faith vs38—
                              Lk 1-38
                                   JB                                                                          J
15 He will be great in the sight of the Lord        32 He will be great son of the most high
     Concieved thro the healing of sterility           35 Son of God---power of the HS, virginal concepception
15b He will be filled with the HS                             Concieved by the power of the HS
Mary visits Elizabeth
      43 why has this happened to me that the mother of my Lord comes to me
           2 Sam:6-9 David how can the arc of the covenant come in to my care
46-55 The Magnificat- Marys song of praise---the evening song of the church
           1 Sam:2:1-10 Hannahs song- God exaults the lowly—revolutionary
      51 Spiritual revolution—scatters the proud in heart
      52 Social revolution—brought down the powerful
      53 Economic revolution he fills the hungry with good things
57-80 Birth of John
67-79 Zachariahs canticle—Benedictus—Morning prayer of the church—He prophesized –not for-
          telling the future, significance of current events; proclaiming the meaning of the events
     74 He rescues us so that we might serve him freely
SCESSION 3                                                                           LIGHT THE 3rd CANDLE
Mt Ch 2 Respond the birth of J
2:1-12 Worship of the magi—wisemen that came from the east; they followed astrology, looking for
            signs, interpretation of dreams—they were not kings; Ps 72:10; Is 49:7; 3 gifts so 3 kings
            Mt 2:11; Gold(Royalty); Frankenscence(Divinity), Mirh(suffering)
            Jesus: King of the jews, royal messiah
           Bethlehem; Davids family was from Bethlehem 1 Sam:16:4; Mic 5:2 messiah will be from
           Bethlehem; Is60:6 Gifts
PRAYER: God speaks to nature, God speaks to scripture; The Magi saw the signs, followed the star,
                 Persevered , searched, worshiped, gave gifts, returned by another way----the changed
Gentiles were accepted by the Lord.
Annunciation to Joseph             The slaughter of innocence               Announcement to Joseph
                                                 2:16-18; Vs 20 lll to Ex4:19              2:19-23
                                                  comparison with moses
2:13-15 Response to Herod     Vs 18 Rachael weeping Jer31:15
--rejection                                 she weeps for the exile of her son
-J is the beginning of the         Ramah was the place- Babylon
new Isreal Vs 15; Hos11:1      Ex1:16Pharases order lll toHerod 
-J like Isreal is brought out     order. * J is the new Moses- saved
of Egypt                                    by God
SCESSION 4                                                                                 LIGHT THE 4th CANDLE
Lk Ch 2 Response to the birth of J
2: 1-7 Birth of J
     1-2 Census it shows us why they came from Nazareth to Bethlehem; Lk gives the birth of J a
     solemn setting, He points to the universal significance of J birth, 37BC-14AD Emperor Ceasor
    Agustus, there was peace in the Roman empire;
   2-7 bands of cloth  refers to poverty, wis7:4-5 royalty
2:8-14 Announcement to the shepherds;
        11 Titles of J – Saviour; Messiah; Lord
             ‘this day’ Peace is Gods gift; Gods salvation is already inaugurated
Response by the shepherds; They went, found, saw, & made known
Lk4:21;     19:5,9            23:43
21-40 J comes to the temple     Levi 12:2-8 law of purification; Ex 13:1-2,5 consecration
                                                   1 Sam 1:22-24 Samuels presentation
          Temple shows continuity with Isreal, the Lord enters the temple Mal3:1-2
           SimeonVs 30-31 salvationof people
                                  32 light to the gentiles--- MESSAGE: J is the universal Saviour
                               * 34 J would be a sign of contradiction, already there is the shadow of the cross
                                  38 Gives thanks (Anna) spoke to all
2: 41-52 J pronouncement about himself in his fathers house
               Story anticipates J journey to Jerusalem
               Lk 9:51; 19-27
          46 temples; Lk 1:5 begis in the temple, ends in the temple
               The mission entrusted by his father takes priority
               Marys response 1:38; 49 ; 2:19; 33; 50-51
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