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 “The word ‘Halloween’ comes from ‘Hallowed Evening.’ OR "All Hallows Eve," Hallowed means holy, so Halloween is a holy evening that prepares us for All Saints Day.” November 1, is a Holy Day of Obligation, and both the feast and the vigil have been celebrated since the early eighth century, when they were instituted by Pope Gregory III in Rome. Halloween, which, far from being a pagan religious event, is actually a Christian celebration that's almost 1,300 years old.

Q: Is Satan really worshiped on Halloween?
When more children begin to experiment with satanism. If they show interest in occult games at Halloween parties, they might be targeted as potential candidates for recruitment into satanic groups.

Q: Why did the Church try to end Halloween?
All Saints Day originated in A.D. 607 and was celebrated on November 1 in an effort to convert the pagan holiday for the Lord of the Dead into a Christian holy day.

The pagans believed that, on October 31, The dead supposedly returned to their former homes, and the current inhabitants bribed them with food to prevent them from casting spells and haunting them, to encourage the ghosts to leave town, the villagers formed a parade to escort them out, wearing costumes to hide their identities. They even lit candles to ward off the spirits.

Q: Is it okay to celebrate Halloween if we don’t worship the Lord of the Dead?

In the name of “fun,” we take our children into pretend haunted houses, then when the little ones come out crying, we laugh! We try to scare each other with spooky stories

Encourage your children to wear costumes that offer positive role models, rather than ghosts, witches, skeletons or other occult images. Share with them your concerns about Halloween activities that emphasize fear and horror and other negative forces. Teach them what to do if they go to a Halloween party and occultic activities take place, Encourage them to call you for an early ride home.

Give your child an alternative to Halloween by holding a Harvest Party or an All Saints Day Party, complete with the candy they love. Since children learn more by what we do than by what we say, show your disapproval of Halloween in the way you decorate your home and yard. Use harvest symbols instead of Jack-0- lanterns, and angels instead of tomb stones or other images of death and the occult.

Pray for God’s guidance in raising your children. Let Him show you how to help them fully participate in celebrating life, hope, joy, and all that is good. Ask Him to inspire your family to learn more from All Saints Day than it does from Halloween.

Pope Francis has expressed in this opinion, “Many think Halloween is a simple carnival like celebration, it is not innocent. It is a small room leading to a much more dangerous one. There is always more evil rituals, sacrifices, defilements of cemeteries and stealing of sacred bones on Halloween. Taking part in Halloween is like being ritually initiated into the occult.”

The Celtic elements included lighting bonfires, carving turnips (and, in America, pumpkins), and going from house to house, collecting treats, as carolers do at Christmas. But the "occult" aspects of Halloween—ghosts and demons—actually have their roots in Catholic belief. Christians believed that, at certain times of the year (Christmas is another), the veil separating earth from Purgatory, Heaven, and even Hell becomes more thin, and the souls in Purgatory (ghosts) and demons can be more readily seen. Thus the tradition of Halloween costumes owes as much, if not more, to Christian belief as to Celtic tradition.


Compiled by:

Anthony Custodio Fiacre DIAS.

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25th October 2016

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