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Fr Jude Feb. 2008
This is an undisputed Pauline letter, Genuine Pauls letter
Here Paul speaks to Galatia.
These were Letters in the form of a circular
Initially The North Central Region was called Galatia – Turkey – it contained Ankara ( Anciara)
In 25BC the Romans combined the northern & the southern regions.
Galatia = Lystra, Derbe, Iconium, Pisidion, Antioch.
Is Paul writing to the North or the South.
The population of Galatia were actual Galatians, Romans, Jews, Greeks Gal 4:8, 3:1-5.
Galatians was written late 54AD – Early 55AD.
Judaisers = man of the circumcision party.
The Jewish people were still attached to the Mosaic law
First to become a Xtian you had to first become a Jew, then become a Christian
Paul says you require faith & Baptism, no circumcision.
The Judaiser (a) Challenged Pauls role as an apostle, & his authority, that his commission to preach did not come from Christ.
(b) They also challenged his Gs of Justification: That we are we are set free in Christ.
Letter to the Galatians is a letter of freedom in Christ
5:3 Paul was convinced that the Law Torah was no longer binding in Christ
Therefore Paul had to write to Galatia to explain: There was a double challenge posed to Paul
(1) The Judaiser (a) Challenged Pauls role as an apostle, & his authority, that his commission to preach did not come from Christ.
(b) They also challenged his Gs of Justification: That we are we are set free in Christ.
1:11-12, 15.   1:1.
(2) Gs of Justification – Justification with JC, Justification is thro faith in JC = to be made righteous in God = to be righteous = to be in right relation c God
Freedom from the Mosaic Law.
2:16; 5:6, 4:10 We are set free in JC = Pauls Gs.
One is Justified in belief in Faith.
Peter will go to the Jews, Paul will go to the Gentiles.
Paul does 3 things in this letter:
1. He defends his position as an Apostle 1:10 – 2:21.
2. He exposes hi Gs of Xtian freedom, we are set free in Xt. 3:1 – 4:31.
3. He exhorts the Galatians to be faithful to the Gss 5:1 – 6:17.-
Gal became the first presentation of Pauls teaching on Justification, ie by Grace thro faith Apart from the works of the law. It is manifestation on Christian freedom.
1:6-10. Paul is astonished that the Galatians deserting the teachings of Xt, & turning to other Gs.
He is surprised that he now need to sort human approval, or get the sanctions of the Senedrin
1:11 – 2:14.
11-12: The origin of the Gs proclaimed by Paul was not of human origin, but came to him as a Gods gracious revelation about who J is.
15 To reveal the GN to the non Jewish people.
18 Paul stayed with Cephas = Peter = Kephas Gk = rock, for 3 yrs from 36 – 39AD.
James son of Alpheas – adelphos = cousins, James was later beheaded by Herod.
23 The early Christians were suspicious of Paul
2:1 Titus who went with Paul was a pagan.
2. Paul went to Jerusalem church to get the Justification Gs approved.
9. Here Paul was accepted as a fellow apostle, Paul became an apostolic partner.
2:11-14. The third meeting with Peter.
15 – 16. Faith & Baptism – Introduction to Christian freedom.
15 –21. Justification. To be justified means to be made righteous before God, ie to enter into right relationship with God.
When we commit ourselves in Xt in faith
1. God accepts us as we are.
2. God forgives us all our sins.
3. He begins to transforms us in to his sons & daughters
No efforts can accomplish this, salvation is a free gift, Salvation is an act of Gods sheer love = grace, grace is a relationship.
20. Commit myself totally to Christ.
3:2. 430 yrs of slavery
OT Qs Gen 15:6, 18:18, 12:3. Deu 27:26, Heb 2:4, Lev 18:5, Deu 21:23.
3:29 Promises of eternal life
Freedom in Christ
5:1 law = yoke of slavery
5:5 Faith working thru love   charity = love
5:13. Serve one another thro. Love.
Flesh Vs Spirit, Flesh is the power that is hostile to God
Self reliant, weak, earth bound, unredeemed, power that is hostile to God
Spirit describes the knowing & willing self, responding to God
5:15 brotherly love
Sins of the Flesh :
Sexual aberrations:       Heathen Worship        Social Evils      Intemperance.
Fornication                            idolatry                    enmity                 envy
Impurity                                 sorcery                      strife              drunkenness
Licentiousness                                                      Jealousy       carousing / orgies
All these are failures against justice & love. This cannot & should not be the life style of those who are accepted the rule of God in their lives.
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